Bigg Boss beauty over action.. Hyper Adi who has breathed-pand-pippi .. what are you enjoying come Maa..!!

If you give a chance to hyper Adi, who usually gets excited in a range in shows, will he calm down…he will make a fuss. That’s what happened. Recently, the organizers have released a promo related to Sridevi’s drama company. This week, Sridevi made the audience laugh by doing skits with the concept of “Is the brother-in-law good?” in the drama company. Ex-contestants of Bigg Boss also made noise. And especially in this episode, Bigg Boss contestants Shweta Verma – Jersey became the highlight.

Moreover, the promo was released highlighting the pranks between brother-in-law and brother-in-law with the concept of “Is the brother-in-law okay?”. This promo became viral within moments. Most importantly, Bigg Boss Shweta Varma.. Sridevi’s drama company Mass Masala has grasped the concept very well.

Coming is coming and targeting Adi.. “What bro.. If Shwetavarma comes, flat..touching..feeling is nothing like this..?” She asked romantically. With this suddenly hyper Adi revealed his romantic romantic fellow.. He said that Shweta Varma will come.. All the thoughts of Ram Gopal Varma are there.. What..?” He countered with that.

Moreover, throughout the promo, Shweta Varma was hyper adi too much romantic scenes. Even though Adi’s overacting as a part of the paper dance was a bit harsh, people are saying that Shweta was a sucker for that dance. Picking up and touching Dhais.. Picking up the back part and touching something else.. Touching Shweta Verma all the way, he enjoyed it fully in the name of comedy. After watching this promo, the favorite netizens are praising Hyper Adi in a range.

In the name of comedy, they are enjoying the range and comments saying, Come on uncle. In fact Hyper Adi does not go to anyone’s side. Hyper, who was silent, verbally provoked Adi and scolded Shweta Varma. Anyway, Shweta Verma was sucked and sucked by Hyper Adi.. If the full episode is released, it will come out if you enjoyed it in the range.. Let’s see..!!

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