Bigg Boss 7: New condition for the contestants..if they do it this time they will be kicked out..!?

Bigg Boss, which started as the biggest reality show in Telugu, has already successfully completed six seasons. Soon the seventh season will be launched grandly. Bigg boss management is completing the tasks related to this in the background. It is known that the list of contestants to participate in Bigg Boss season seven has already been finalized. Moreover, a news will go viral that Rana Daggubati, the muscular hero who has gained fame as a young hero of Tollywood, is doing Bigg Boss host this time.

As we know Bigg Boss season one was hosted by Tarak. Season 2 was hosted by Nani. Nagarjuna has been the host for all the seasons since then. In this order Nagarjuna hosting seems boring to people. Bigg Boss management has taken such a decision saying that if the host is changed, there are chances of increasing the TRP ratings. Moreover, it is known that the rules are totally changed in Bigg Boss 7 this time.

Once upon a time Bigg Boss contestants used to wait until they got a chance and make sensational comments on Bigg Boss after being eliminated from the house. They opened up that Bigg Boss is so fake that they will tell who will win the task in advance. In this order, from this season, after the Bigg Boss contestant has been eliminated, an agreement has been written to take legal action if anyone goes out and talks negatively about Bigg Boss to various media channels.

The agreement will be written in such a way that Bigg Boss should be eliminated and leave as politely as he enters the house. An agreement has been prepared that if those rules are violated, then the entire remuneration will be returned.. legal actions will have to be faced.. Knowing this, the contestants are afraid to enter Bigg Boss. And some people are beating the skin by saying rules. Anyway, this time in the Bigg Boss house, people are saying that showing dots to the contestants is confam..!!

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