Bigg Boss 6 Telugu : Revanth is fired up.. Will he spoil the game of Bigg Boss?

Bigg Boss 6 Telugu : It is known that in the third week of the Bigg Boss house, the task of playing in the forest was given. Revanth, Aarohi, Sreehan, Sudeepa, Arjun are all present in this batch of thieves. There is a gang like Adireddy, Marina Rohit and Baladitya as policemen. And Geethu is acting as a greedy businessman. And in yesterday’s task, Revanth and Srihan stole some valuables. Everyone thought that all the thieves should play as a team. But for whom they started playing.

Srihan has more money now. Srihan sold the toys he had brought to Geetu. That’s how he earned six thousand. Revanth also sold his toys. But he got a small amount. Arohi and Neha were hurt by this. They all wanted to play together.. but now they are doing this.. she said. Arohi also said that we will play as we like.

Singer Revanth Fires in Adavilo aata Task

Thus, in the episode of the day, thieves are stealing from thieves. Arohi wakes up Revanth’s hidden toys. This made Revanth angry. He said that he will steal the toys of all the people in the house. I wanted to sleep at night.. But now I can’t sleep at all.. I will make the police win this game.. I will give them all our toys. Revanth sells all his toys to Adi Reddy. But Arohi takes the light.

If Arjun says that Revant is on fire.. If he is on fire then what will I do.. If he is on ice what will happen to me. Revanth, on the other hand, is weaving a red thread for all the toys. Will Bigg Boss take these into account? Or? It is not known until the end.


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