Bigg Boss 6 Telugu : Narayana’s shocking comments saying that those in Bigg Boss are adulterers

Bigg Boss 6 Telugu : Bigg Boss show gives good entertainment to the television audience. This program is going on day by day. Bigg Boss 6 picked up a good pace with Nagarjuna’s classy rant about laziness on the show. The cops vs thief task is the best example and it must be said that it gave solid spice to the audience. Geethu Royal, Sreehan and Revanth are always on top in terms of performance. These three are also in the nominations. As of now, Revanth is lagging behind in the polls despite his aggressive nature. Day by day this show is going well.

But Narayana, who has been making outrageous comments on Eshow since the beginning, has recently made a series of comments. Recently two women were shot in Nalgonda. They say that they were shaved because they were adulterers. Narayana vehemently denied this. Those who are in Bigg Boss are clapped and whistled. Those women are adulterers but so are those in Bigg Boss. Narayana asked a bit harshly why they are supporting them. . Common women are shaved and insulted.. but Bigg Boss shows are encouraged. Narayana asked what is the situation. Recently, Narayana was talking about Bigg Boss.

narayana comments on Bigg Boss 6 Telugu

Bigg Boss 6 Telugu : Atrocious..

For married people, it is a beautiful room.. and what is it for unmarried people? Nagarjuna countered by saying Narayana, Narayana. And Bigg Boss has started.. So far.. Geet is the game changer.. Anna said that she is the same game.. Without her, there is no real game till now. In every promo, she is the one who gets highlighted when Nagarjuna comes. Even though there are 70 cameras in Bigg Boss, 69 cameras are working for Geethu. But for Geethu, they are giving full footage. Cameras are rolling everywhere she turns. According to that, Geethu also plays with the performance. And some prophecies say that she is the winner this time too.

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