Bigg Boss 6 Telugu : Just then it became clear who the winner of Bigg Boss title is.. You can’t imagine that he is the winner!

Bigg Boss 6 Telugu : Currently Bigg Boss has completed 11 weeks. This season started with 21 contestants and by the end of 11 weeks 12 contestants have been eliminated and now there are only 9 contestants. Bigg Boss tries to provide content to please the audience as much as possible. Since the beginning of this season, the house mates have been frustrated. Looking to end this season somehow.

That’s why Bigg Boss started doing tasks in prize money like never before. But the audience has already decided who will be the winner of this season. It is known that Bigg Boss is also fixed to give the title of Bigg Boss to Singer Revanth. That’s why he is left behind. Not only in the game but also in the house, some of the things Revanth is doing in the house are bothering the housemates. Especially when he was the captain, who did not like the conditions given in the matter of food. But Revanth gave his best in every task.

Revanth is only choice for Bigg Boss 6 Telugu title winner

His style of play impressed everyone. The task is not to win somehow, but to win the minds of the housemates. In that regard, Revanth backed down. But it is difficult to say who is the winner of the title other than Revanth. Sreehan is somewhere after Revanth. His chances of winning seemed to slip away from him. Adi Reddy also has a chance to win the title if he does some magic in the last week. FIMA is also in the title race. But it can be said that Revanth has a chance to become the Bigg Boss title winner than all of them.

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