Big Shocking: Samantha counters Balayya’s comments on Akkineni

After getting the star position, we have to think and decide while speaking a word. And especially after social media became available, it became common to narrate every little thing. In the case of star celebrities, the trollers are sitting there waiting for Kapalakastu to slip their tongue. In this sequence, Nandamuri Balayya slipped his tongue and said that Akkineni will be trampled as part of Veera Simha Reddy movie promotions. With this, Balayya, who has never been found, suddenly slipped his tongue, and people are uniting on social media.

Moreover, even people who did not know about social media till yesterday started countering by saying Balayya’s name. Akkineni Naga Chaitanya in this sequence also indirectly gave a strong counter to Balayya. NTR – ANNR – SVR are children of Kalamatalli and if we demean them, we will be demeaning ourselves. In a similar order, many stars in the film industry are making comments supporting the Akkineni family.

Recently, news is heard on social media that Akkineni’s ex-daughter-in-law Samantha has opened up. “Anyone will definitely make some mistakes in life..we should forgive them and let them go..and we should not take this small thing to heart..a star hero like Balayya Babu would have said that by his age we should give respect to the elders in the industry and take light..and It is known that Samantha indirectly countered Naga Chaitanya’s tweet by saying that such a small issue should not be made a big deal. In this order, the war between Akkineni and Nandamuri fans has reached its peak..!!

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