Big shocking: Sai Pallavi’s sensational decision..far from the above..!?

Sai Pallavi,, this name needs no special introduction. He is fondly called as a nickname in the film industry. She does not argue that what she said is correct.. but she says that what she believes is correct. Sai Pallavi is a heroine with such a special character. In fact, it is very difficult to have such a mind set in the film industry. We know that once we step into this glamorous world, our life is not in our hands. If we think about the future, we have to sacrifice the present.

Sai Pallavi’s character is not like that. If he likes, he does, if he doesn’t like, he doesn’t. No matter how big the star hero is, if she has no value in the script, she will be rejected and thrown aside. If not, would any heroine give up if she gets a chance to act with Megastar Chiranjeevi..? Chachina doesn’t give up, but because of the remake of Sai Pallavi’s film, she was afraid that her role would be damaged, so she rejected the film and threw it aside saying, “If it’s Megastar Chiranjeevi, why should I care?” Chiranjeevi said this directly. Love story movie in front of everyone in the free release event.

Meanwhile, Sai Pallavi’s every movie has been flopping at the box office. Although Shyam Singharai’s movie with Nani was not good, “Virataparvam” which came next and “Gargi” which came after it were all message oriented and could not make a big sales range impact at the box office. Due to this, Sai Pallavi has been away from the film industry for some time now. Recently, according to the information received from her close quarters, Sai Pallavi wants to break the film industry for some years. Moreover, she wants to concentrate on her career as a doctor again. In this order, Sai Pallavi sends back the stories that came to her without listening to them. Her close friends say that if she wants to come back to the film industry after some years, she will get married and settle down.



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