Big shocking news: Samantha’s health condition is critical..urgent treatment abroad..!?

According to the latest viral news on social media, Samantha’s health condition is critical. Moreover, news is going viral on social media that Samantha Present, who is reigning as a Tollywood star heroine, is undergoing treatment in America due to her health condition. We know that lately Samantha has stopped appearing outside the media. She was seen by Lost Media in the show “Koffee with Karan”. Samantha did not come out after that.

Fans are asking why Samantha stays away from social media. Her close friends say that it is because of a hero. Recently, her scenes in a Vedic school in Secunderabad have gone viral on social media. In those pics, Samantha was seen as dull,.. trapped in a goat.. with a mask on her face and in a very bad position. All of a sudden, Samantha’s fans were shocked. What is wrong with Samantha..Is Samantha’s health condition really not good?

According to the latest information, Samantha is suffering from a skin problem. As the skin problem increased, Samantha could not go out due to a kind of rash all over her skin. Moreover, the news is going viral on social media that Samantha, who took treatment in India, did not recover..she had to take treatment abroad to get rid of this problem. Samantha’s fans are worried about this. Samantha’s manager is demanding an update on her health condition. It should be seen that Samantha’s manager and Samantha’s close friends are not on this news. But how will Samantha react?

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