Big Breaking: Shocking news for Mega Kodalu Upasana who is going to be a mother..!!

Chiranjeevi has finally revealed the news that Mega fans have been waiting for for the past ten years. Megastar Chiranjeevi officially announced that Mega Kodalu Upasana is pregnant. Since then, some news related to Upasanaki Ramcharan has been going viral on social media.

Recently Megakodalu Upasana’s grandmother passed away. Making an official announcement regarding this, Upasana put an emotional post on her social media. “I lost a good person in my life,” she said. I will teach my children the same in being dignified, loving and honest till the end.

She said that whatever I have learned by looking at life, I have learned how to live. Today Nannamma left her life shaken. Pushpa Nani raised me. I will always remember her love. I received a lot of love from my grandparents, grandparents.. I promise to give the same experiences to my children tomorrow.

This post went viral within moments. Upasana’s grandmother was very hopeful that she should see the delivery of Upasana in her stomach. But Upasana’s family members are suffering saying that they died without fulfilling that wish. This is really shocking for Upasana..!!

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