Big Breaking: Announcement of Oscar Awards in few hours..Big shock for RRR..!!

Not to mention the extent to which the name of RRR is changing in the countries of the present world. Director Rajamouli’s RRR film will be up for grabs by the Oscar award in a few hours. In this order, the Telugu people… crores of Indians are eagerly waiting for that moment. But in a few hours, the RRR team, which is going to be held by the Oscar award, got a big shock.

It is known that RRR movie has been re-released recently. Lately, blockbuster movies that have hit in the past are being re-released. In this order, RRR has also been added to such lists. However, amidst huge expectations, the re-released RRR movie did not get the least respect in Telugu states. Not only that, even the minimum audience is not interested in watching the movie.

Many theaters are seen empty. RRR team got a big shock in this sequence. When it was first released, people went out and watched the movie..When it was released for the second time, people did not show interest to come to the theater and watch the movie. In this order, many people are trolling the RRR movie negatively. And while the RRR team is going to receive the Oscar award in a few hours, it has become a sensation that negative publicity is being spread on the RRR team on the social media. Does RRR in this sequence deserve to get an Oscar award..? Many Telugu people are also asking questions. Let’s see what kind of answer Rajamouli will give on this..?

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