Bhushan Kumar: Another producer is on fire about the remuneration of Bollywood heroes.

Bhushan Kumar : Once upon a time Bollywood movies meant Rs.100 crores. But now the situation has changed. Aamir Khan, Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan’s films are struggling to reach the 100 crore mark at the box office. Due to the obscenity and derogatory scenes in the movie, the boycott trend is taking place. Due to this, the budget given by the producers is not coming back. But the Bollywood heroes are saying that the remuneration will decrease.

Karan Johar: Even 5 crore collections will not come.. 20 crore remunerations are required.. Karan Johar’s sensational comments on Bollywood heroes..

The producers who are fed up with the behavior of the heroes are expressing their impatience. Recently Bollywood’s top producer Karan Johar made viral comments on this matter. 5 crore collections will not come. Karan Johar has made sensational comments on Bollywood heroes saying that they want 20 crore remunerations. Recently another star producer T-series head Bhushan Kumar also reacted strongly.

Some heroes ask for a remuneration of around Rs.20 crore even for a small film. We cannot budget that much for a small film, so we ask the heroes to reduce it a bit. Some heroes understand that. But some people say that they have to give or else they will not make the film. Then we leave too. Because we are the ones who will lose tomorrow if we put too much weight on our heads. If the film budget is given to the heroes under the remuneration of 20 crores, then if the film does not succeed tomorrow, it will be our loss. He commented that it would be better if the heroes understand this matter by now.

In the same interview, this producer gave an update about Prabhas and Sandeep Reddy’s Vanga movie. Bhushan Kumare is producing this upcoming movie with the title ‘Spirit’. He revealed that this movie will be released in the ending of this year.

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