Bhola Shankar Movie | Chiranjeevi is Akkineni’s successor in the movie

Akkineni sushanth | Hero Sushant, who entered the industry as the successor of Akkineni, has not been able to get a proper hit so far. Fifteen years ago, he was introduced as a hero with the movie ‘Kalidasa’. He saw the result of disaster in the first movie itself. After that ‘Current’ seemed to be a bit of a problem, but he sealed another flop with ‘Adda’. He did not make another film for three years. In Sushant’s films, the cast and crew entertained him in the movie ‘Chilasau’. Directed by Rahul Ravindran, this film was not commercially safe but was appreciated by the audience.

Chila Sow

Sushanth, who became the second hero with the movie ‘Aala Vaikunthapuram’, is playing a key role in the movie ‘Ravanasura’. Recently, in the release teaser, it became clear that what level of role Sushant will be. If this is the case, it seems that this Akkineni boy has taken a chance in a Megastar movie. Chiru, who gave a mega comeback with Waltheru Veeraya, is currently working on Bhola Shankar with the same enthusiasm. Directed by Meher Ramesh, Keerthy Suresh will play the younger sister of Chiruku in this movie. This movie will be a remake of Tamil super hit movie Vedalam. Meanwhile, talk has it that the film crew has approached Sushant for a key role in this film.


Sushant also liked the role and immediately agreed. Sushant will be seen as Keerthy Suresh’s boyfriend in this movie. But in Tamil the length of this role is very short. But there is talk that this role is being increased a bit for Sushant and there will also be a song between them. But to know the truth in this, we have to wait for the official announcement from the makers.

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