Bebamma who finally did such a thing.. how difficult was it for you..?

It is not enough to enter the film industry as a heroine.. After entering, you have to make a hit. In this order, the heroines have to think carefully and take decisions. Did you make a mistake.. the result will be different. But the person who makes such a mistake will be shaken by Kriti Shetty. Kriti Shetty entered the industry as a heroine with the movie Uppena starring Mega’s nephew Vaishnav Tej.

After that two films also hit the biggest blockbuster. After that, Tussu did three films. In this order, people stopped caring about Kriti Shetty’s name. After waiting for years, Kriti finally increased her beauty dose and reduced the size of her clothes. A recent hot photo shoot keeps the boys awake.

The hot sexy expressions given by Kriti Shetty in a black mini frock are also shaking the social media. In this order, fans are trending Kriti Shetty’s photo. Kriti Shetty’s photos are trending and comments are being made saying that this is what the industry needs. It has to be seen and which hero who saw the hot angle of Bebamma will give Amdala chances..?

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