Banumathi rejected the chance given by Rama Rao…!

Bhanumati is a great goddess who can make the Navrasala sound. He has established a special place for himself in the Telugu film industry. Bronze voice.. She has the ability to speak on any subject with such understanding. Opportunities are also wide for such people. Bhanumati used to be like Angikam.. Abhinayam.. Karataala Malakam.. However.. at such a time in 1983, Annagaru gave a wonderful opportunity.

రండి.. పార్టీలో మీకు ప్రాధాన్యం ఇస్తాం. మీరు మాతో ఉంటే.. తెలుగు వారికి మేలు జ‌రుగుతుంది. మీరు మాకు ద‌న్నుగా ఉండండి. మిమ్మ‌ల్ని రాజ్య‌స‌భ‌కు పంపిస్తాం. తెలుగు వారి స‌మ‌స్య‌ల‌పై అక్క‌డ ప్ర‌ధానంగా ప్ర‌స్తావించండి At the time of the new party, Annagaru sent an invitation to many people in the Telugu film industry. Especially Bhanumati was invited by Annagaru himself.

However.. Bhanumati categorically rejected this invitation. Not only that.. రాజ‌కీయాల్లోకి వ‌చ్చి.. తిట్లు తిన‌మంటారా ఏమిటి రామారావుగారు?! Asking that. With this, Annagaru.. she rejected the invitation that she had given with great hope at that time. However..later some people followed him. There are leading actresses like Sharada among them.

It is known that a good future will come after them politically. If this is the case.. Rama Rao’s invitation to him is true.. he is not good enough for politics.. he is a fire brand.. he means anything.. he feels that he is a loss to the party.. Bhanumati said in one context.. He said that before Rama Rao, he also received an invitation from MGR.

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