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Review: Banaras
Cast: Zaid Khan, Sonal Mentero, Sujay Shastri, Devaraj, Achyutkumar, Sapnaraj Written, Directed by: Jayatirtha Producer: Tillakaraj Ballal Music: Anjanish Loknath

Another hero who came to the silver screen from a family with a political background is Zaid Khan. The movie ‘Banaras’ stars Zaid Khan, a senior politician in Karnataka, Zameer Ahmed. Everyone predicted that ‘Benares’ will be rich in content as it is being directed by Jayathirtha, the director of the successful film ‘Bellbottom’. The film was released in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Hindi and Malayalam as a Pan India film on Friday, November 4. But is Banaras as popular as everyone thinks it is? If you want to know whether or not, you have to read the review..!

Story: Sidd (Zaid Khan) is a mischievous boy from a rich family. Since his mother died when he was a child, Sidd is all father. For a challenge with friends, he traps a girl named Dhani (Sonal) as if she is in time travel. Along with that lie, Dhani goes to Banaras after facing a lot of insults for an act done by Siddh. Siddh, who goes there to apologize to her, has some strange experiences in ‘Banaras’. He accidentally gets stuck in a time loop. What is the real reason why he is stuck in that time loop? To know all this, you have to watch the movie.

Analysis: In the past we have seen some movies with time travel stories. Timeloop, however, is a slightly different story. Recently, director Venkatprabhu showed the time loop concept in the movie ‘Manadu’. This is one such concept. The beginning of the story of ‘Banaras’ is also interesting. At one point the time travel story told by Sidd seemed interesting, but then the director could not lead the story so interestingly. Everything has to be logical when choosing a timeloop concept. The story should be speedy instead of time taken.. that is lacking in the movie. The novelty in the story concept is lacking in its direction. The love story between Sidd and Sonali is also routine. It would have been better if there was freshness in the love story. Siddh is not good in terms of acting. Shambhu’s role in Banaras is new. His words are full of wit as well as philosophy. It would have been better if this timeloop concept was told in a new way and more interesting. In the second half, it feels like watching the same scene again and again. Releasing the film without even minimum publicity for a film made with a new hero has also become a minus for this film..!

Rating: 2/5

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