Balayya’s new avatar for ‘Aaha’… the look is stunning…!

Nandamuri Natasimha Balakrishna is currently taking a leap in terms of career. It is known that he is showing his strength by doing movies on the one hand and doing talk shows and commercials on the other hand. Balayya’s image went somewhere due to the original unstoppable blow. Jai Balayya slogans are echoing everywhere on social media. Jai Balayya Jai ​​Balayya slogans are chanted in the actual theaters, no matter which hero’s movie is playing.

After doing this talk show, how much are the two movies Akhanda and Veerasimha Reddy starring Balayya? We saw that it was a big hit. Veera Simha Reddy collected 54 crores on the first day alone. This is the biggest all-time record in Balayya’s career. And after Balayya’s hand fell, the Aha OTT platform went somewhere. With this same Josh, Aha is ready to give another twist with Balayya.

Balayya is going to appear as a guest in the second season of the music competition show Indian Idol, which is going to be streamed soon on Aha. Already, 12 contestants have been finalized for this competition show. Balakrishna will perform live in the first episode of the second season introducing these 12 people. Another strange thing is that Balayya will also give a dance performance in this episode.

Aha tweeted these photos. Balayya is seen in a very new look in the original photos. He looks like a new energetic Balayya that we have never seen before. These photos are now going viral on social media.

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