Balayya’s anger on NTR can’t be contained.. Vaynam who threw the script to the ground before his father..!

For Natarathna Nandamuri Balakrishna, cinema means a lot of life. He is risking his life and family for his film. If he promises to make a film after hearing the story, then he will not see anything.. he will not care about anything. They don’t interfere anywhere.. They do what the director says until the film is completed and go away. Balayya has no match hero in Tollywood in this regard.

And Balayya had a great desire to take up directing from earlier. Two or three attempts were also made in this regard. But to Balayya’s misfortune, none of that worked. When Mahanati Soundarya was alive, they planned the movie Nartanashala with her as Draupadi. After the shooting of two schedules, the film was stopped due to Soundarya’s sudden death.

Balayya has adapted the story and direction of this movie. But Balayya’s attempts to direct two more times before Nartanashala failed. Balayya wanted to make a film under his own direction when he had a series of hits at the beginning of his career. But it stopped when NTR objected. After that, Balayya wanted to direct NTR’s Samrat Ashoka.

Balayya had a fight with NTR to direct this film. Balayya himself said this in Unstoppable Rajamouli Show. After the story of this film was ready, Balayya started telling NTR what he wanted. He said that he wanted to shoot this film in 70mm.. Balayya got uncontrollably angry when NTR said that he wanted 10,000 people in the climax.

Then 2000 horses and 200 camels are also needed, so NTR looked at Balayya and smiled. Balayya said that as NTR was repeatedly stopping him, he got angry and threw the script on the ground. After that NTR himself directed this movie. But the movie was a disaster. However, Balayya had a disagreement with his father NTR in the matter of the film.

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