Balayya Yama bore..the star heroine who deeply hurt the fans..!?

In the Tollywood film industry, Nandamuri actor Simham Balakrishna has not much to say. Balakrishna, who entered the industry with his father’s name, has been entertaining crores of people by acting in films with content in his own style. Nandamuri Balakrishna’s movie will still be released, which means that the commotion made by Nandamuri fans at the theaters is not so much. Huge flexi ..palabhishekal ..are seen holding flower garlands in huge range. The heroine did not want to act with such a hero.. The present news will seriously hurt the fans of Nandamuri.

We know how famous Nandamuri Balakrishna – Nayanthara couple is on screen. The movie Simha in which they acted together broke the records. Moreover, people commented that the couple on the screen is super. Nayantara paired up with Balakrishna even later. Recently, Balayya was acting in the film Veera Simha Reddy and she rejected it when she got the chance to play the heroine. It doesn’t mean that Poni rejected her because she was busy with marriage work, but she got angry with Nandamuri fans by commenting that she was bored by acting and dancing with Balakrishna.

Anyway, if Nayantara had actually acted in this movie with Balakrishna, her career would have turned around. Strictly speaking, Nayanthara does not have any notable movies in her account. Although Nayanthara acted as Chiranjeevi’s sister in the movie Godfather. But movie analysts are of the opinion that if Ammadu had acted with Balakrishna, she would have reigned as a heroine on the Telugu screen for a few years. Anyway, the fans are worried that all the decisions taken by Nayanthara after marriage are flopping.

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