Balakrishna: NTR centenary celebrations in Tenali.. Balakrishna’s emotional speech touching my father

Balakrishna: It is known that NTR centenary celebrations are being held in many places for the past few days. In this background, a program of NTR’s centenary celebrations was organized today in Tenali under the patronage of Alapati Raja. Actor Balakrishna, NTR’s son, attended the event. In this program, Balakrishna touched his father and spoke emotionally. Balayya Babu also spoke on more topics.

Balakrishna said at NTR’s centenary celebrations in Tenali. NTR who showed Vishwarupa as an actor to Vishwa was the reason. It is historic for me to come to this program. He is the one who remains in our hearts who is not physically present. Patala Bhairavi is a legendary movie. It is a good thing to bring great people and honor them in NTR festivals. Many great people were born but NTR left an indelible mark. For the poor, Kudu, cloth, shade, NTR party with the slogan. NTR is the person who brought many reforms in politics and cinema. He is Apara Bhagiratha. The schemes and welfare programs introduced by NTR have become ideal for the country. Many artists from Tenali have given to the art field and it has become a hub for arts. Everyone who acted next to NTR is memorable. There is no one who has not seen NTR movie. NTR films are like ducks with golden egg box. NTR’s acting is an inspiration to fellow actors.

NTR’s centenary celebrations are like a festival. NTR is beyond parties, castes and religions. It feels sad that the future wife does not speak Telugu properly. Telugu language should be taken forward keeping in mind the previous generations. NTR has done Pan India films before. Movies like Patala Bhairavi and Bhairavadwipam played all over India. My faith is my weapon. At any time the cancer hospital has gained fame due to providing good doctors, staff and services. Special thanks to singer Rajendra Prasad and Sai Madhav for organizing the centenary celebrations of NTR so grandly.

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Talking about a recent incident.. Watch the movie like a movie and make politics politics. It is unreasonable for a public representative to ask Balakrishna songs to be removed during the recent celebrations in Narasa Raopet. Don’t associate politics with movies. Let’s see politics as politics. Balakrishna warned that if such an incident happens for the second time, he will not stand idly by.

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