Balakrishna: Balayya is hitting the box office.. The strategy is not usual!

Balakrishna: Nandamuri Balakrishna has been an inspiration to other heroes recently with consecutive successes at the box office. In the past, Balayya’s films used to come with routine commercial stories and the audience rejected them. But little is said about the success he got with the movie ‘Akhanda’ after Corona. He can make a film and release it immediately. But, Balayya has changed his strategy in such a way that the entertainment required by the average audience is definitely in his movie.

Balakrishna: Balakrishna who showed a great heart..

Now there is a talk in the film circles that this strategy suits him well. Balayya’s success with Akhanda was enjoyed by every audience. Balayya gave an ultimatum to the directors that his next movie should also be enjoyed by the common audience. That’s why Balayya is so confident that he doesn’t want this movie to become a hit in Veerasimha Reddy’s movie promotions. And Balayya succeeded in impressing the audience by showing variety in his acting.

Even though the story is routine, the way Balayya Veerasimha Reddy has carried the movie on his shoulders and raised dust at the box office with his own strategy is commendable. Balayya’s effort to show diversity in this movie is truly heartwarming. Now Balayya is acting in a different role, so the fans are eagerly waiting to see how his next movie will be.

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