Balakrishna Balakrishna is unable to get out of Bhagwant Kesari..

Balakrishna It is a habit of our heroes to stay in that character while doing any film. But heroes like Balakrishna are more connected to it. This is the latest case of Bhagwant Kesari. Directed by Anil Ravipudi, this movie will release on Dussehra. The director-producers are releasing the movie worldwide on October 19. This is Balayya’s highest grossing film in his career. Bhagwant Kesari has done business of more than 100 crores. While Srileela played the lead role, Kajal Aggarwal played the heroine.

Looking at the expectations of this movie, it looks like it will break the box office. Apart from all this, Balakrishna is not able to come out of this character so easily. Not only in the film.. Bhagwant is also promoting Kesari outside. He is also using the name of this movie in politics. In the political press meet recently, Balayya said Kesari Mark’s dialogue Bro I don’t care. Also at the trailer launch event in Warangal, Acham Bhagwant came in Kesari getup. He spoke completely in Telangana accent.

If you see all this, you can understand how impressed Balayya is by the character of this movie. Moreover it can also be a part of movie promotion. Balayya highlights this film politically. He is sure that this will be a turning point in his career. Above all, Balakrishna is in supreme form in his career. Movies like Akhanda and Veerasimha Reddy have grossed more than 100 crores.

Now if Bhagwant Kesari is also a hit, Balayya will achieve the feat of getting a hat-trick after almost 30 years. Finally in 1993, Balayya got three wins in a row. After that, the record did not reach him again. After all these years the opportunity came again. Among the senior heroes, Balakrishna is in good form. That is why Bhagwant is taking so much care in Kesari’s case. What will this movie do without watching the whole thing..!

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