Avinash Kolla : Village set in 22 acres for Dussehra movie.. Isn’t that all true?

Avinash Kolla : Natural star Nani is currently coming up with a Dussehra film. Dussehra movie is going to release on March 30. For the first time, Nani will be seen in a full mass look, and the recently released songs and trailers have gone viral, and there are huge expectations for the film. Nani is very confident that this movie will be a blockbuster hit. As Dussehra movie is about to release pan India all the movie unit are busy with promotions. Avinash Kolla, who recently worked as the art director of the movie Dussehra, told many interesting points in an interview.

Art director Avinash Kolla has worked on many films for me in the past. Now he has worked with Nani once again for the film Dussehra. In this interview, Avinash said.. Nani mostly does movies with stories. We also have a lot of work to do in them. I have been traveling with Nani ever since. I kept my faith in myself for Dussehra film. The movie Dussehra is a story that takes place in a village near the coal mines of Telangana. The story takes place 25 years ago. We found such a town and set it as it was difficult to shoot there. We set up a village in 22 acres near the forest near Bachupalli, Hyderabad. For this we have observed all the towns of Telangana where there are coal mines. We have designed it so that the whole village is covered with coal and dust. Even during the shooting, many movie people thought it was a real town. Seeing the current poles and wires in the set, the electricity department came and asked if it was really installed. We built the village in such a natural way. This is well spent. He said that nowhere in the film does it feel like a village has been built, it really feels like a Telangana coal mining village.

Nani : Your movies are good but you don’t get money, I have a fan question.. Do you know what Nani said?

Till now, after seeing the trailer, teaser and songs, everyone thought that this is really a shooting done in some village. But after saying that such a big set has been laid in 22 acres, everyone is wondering if it is a real town. Everyone is appreciating Avinash Collani for such a brilliantly produced art work. It is reported that more than 10 crores have been spent on the set of this village.

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