Avatar 3: James Cameron told the story of Avatar-3 on the stage of awards.. Earth, water, next?

Avatar 3: Almost a decade later, the movie ‘Avatar’ directed by the famous Hollywood director James Cameron came to the audience. Everyone was amazed as James Cameron’s dream was shown to the eyes of the audience for years. The way the director created the world of ‘Pandora’ on the silver screen made the audience wander in that world as long as they watched the movie. This movie, which came to the audience as a visual wonder, received great success and collections worldwide.

Avatar 2: Avatar 2 will create a sensation with billion dollar mark!

James, who announced that he will bring sequels to this movie, recently brought Avatar-2 to the audience. This sequel, called ‘Avatar the Way of Water’, has impressed the audience with its undersea beauty. It is known that the director has announced that there will be 5 films in total in these sequels. While the story in the first part took place on land in the planet Pandora, the story in the second part took place in the water. With this, now the third part of the story is going to be followed by everyone’s desire.

James Cameron gave an update on this recently. The movie Avatar-2 received an award in the Best Visual Effects category at the Critic’s Choice Awards. Speaking about Avatar-3, James Cameron who came to this awards program.. ‘Avatar-3 is going to come with the theme of fire. The story continues in another part of the planet Pandora. In this film, we will introduce new tribes and new culture’, he said. James Cameron’s wife who was on the same stage said, ‘Avatar-3 is going to be beyond your expectations’. While in the Hollywood media, there are reports that the story of Avatar-3 will take place in the desert called ‘Mande’. This movie is going to release in December 2024.

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