Atharva trailer | Karthik Raju Atharva trailer is a suspenseful Tollywood heroine murder mystery

Atharva trailer | Karthik Raju is playing the title role in the film ‘Atharva’. This film is being directed by Mahesh Reddy and is coming in the crime thriller genre. While Simran Choudhary is playing the heroine in Atharval, the already released title logo and motion poster are raising curiosity about the movie. The makers have recently launched the trailer.

Tollywood heroine Jyosni Huparikar was murdered. Along with her, three more suspicious murders took place in the city, the trailer started with the dialogues saying, Sir. The director gave a hint with the trailer that the film will be based on how Atharva solves these murders. The director said that Atharva is getting ready to deal with the most serious criminal cases.

The song Ringa Ringa Rosey released from this movie is already impressing the music lovers. The film is being produced pan-India under the banner of Peggo Entertainments under the banner of Nuthalapati Narasimham and Anasuyamma.

It is understood from the trailer that the movie is going to have an exciting story, screenplay and suspense elements to create a thrill beyond the crime thriller movies that have come out in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam languages ​​so far. Sricharan Pakala is providing the music for this film. Atharva will have a grand release in theaters on December 1.

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