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The movie ‘Prema Desam’ starring Trigun and Megha Akash. Actress Madhubala played the pivotal role. This film is being produced by Sirisha Sarita under the banner of Sri Creative Works. Srikanth is the director. The film is going to hit the screens on December 2. On this occasion, Madhubala said about the features of the film…’I played the role of hero’s mother in this film. I am like a friend with my son. I like to meet the heroine before. I will ask you to bring a girl like this to our house as a daughter-in-law. My role is fun and entertaining. The first scene in the movie is Arun Adit comes between me.

He is impressive in this role. Megha Akash has all the qualities needed to be seen on screen as a girlfriend. She is a very good girl. I am not restricted to any industry while acting as a heroine. I have acted in many languages ​​like Telugu, Tamil, Hindi.. Therefore, I could not do many films in any industry. Because of that I got the recognition as pan India heroine. ‘Roja’, ‘Gentleman’ and ‘Allari Priyudu’ have made me well known in Telugu. The song ‘Chinni Chinni Aash’ from the movie ‘Roja’ is still sung by children in school programmes. There is no such thing as a dream role. I want to act in all kinds of roles. Currently, I am acting in ‘Kartham Huktam’ in Hindi and some films in Telugu.

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