Ashwini Dutt Interview | ‘Sitaramam’ will go down in history as a landmark film: Producer Ashwanee Dutt Interview

Star hero Dulquer Salmaan-Mrunal Thakur is presented by Vyjayanthi Movies under the banner of Swapna Cinema and star producer Ashwini Dutt. The film ‘Sita Ramam’ is being produced ambitiously. Directed by Hanu Raghavapudi, the audience has high expectations for this film. Producer Ashwinidat said in a press conference that the film is coming to the audience on August 5. The film ‘Sitaram’ shared by him is special.

Do you think Sitaram will be another ‘mahanati’ under your banner?

We made a very good movie. The movie was amazing. I have always wanted to make a good love story. That wish was fulfilled with Sitaram. Balachander’s Another History and Mani Ratnam’s Gitanjali have gone down in history. There is a belief that Sitaram will also stand as a landmark film.

What do you think is the reason for the decrease in the audience coming to the theater?

I think Corona is one reason. Also increasing and decreasing the ticket rates without a systematic method can also be a reason. Also, they have taken many theaters in their hands and increased the prices of snacks and cool drinks to the extent that the family audience is afraid to come to the theater. At the same time OTTs came. There are many reasons for this.

Is it like handing over all the production to your children? Is it like giving them freedom in construction?

When I did films with NTR, Raghavendra Rao and Chiranjeevi, there was an unseen strength in their form. The two children said that they will come after completing their studies and enter the field of film production. Both are very talented. Dream ideas are wonderful. Leads with one hand. It is almost as if the construction was handed over to them. But I see music and literature. And so is the script. When I made a film like Mahanati, I took special care about the sets. Hanu shot this film almost outdoors. I didn’t go shooting. Sitaram dreamed the whole thing. The credit of this movie goes to Swapna.

Is it because of your passion for music that the songs in Sitaram are so great?

In fact, I don’t even get matches. But I think God gave me the taste to catch a good tune. “If you stand in front of me, Sangeet Saraswati will sing well,” said Mahadevan. Ilayaraja also said exactly the same thing. Also, there is a good relationship with Mani Sharma and Keeravani in terms of music. Vishal Chandrasekhar gave excellent music for Sitaram. Hanu’s choice is to take Vishal. I also listened to Vishal’s music. Vishal’s wife is also a traditional music singer. Her cooperation also seems to be more. They both worked hard. The background music is also very grand.

How was it working with Hanu Raghavapudi?

Hanu Raghavapudi is a director who knows very good technique. He told a great story. He has an excellent grip on the camera. The film was shot like a visual wonder. Kashmir and other beautiful locations are a visual feast.

Why did Dulquer choose Salmaan when there are so many heroes in Telugu?

I have a lot of respect for Dulquer since he played Gemini Ganesan in Mahanati. Also I am a big fan of Mammootty. I was surprised that Dulquer accepted the role of Gemini Ganesan. He played that character very convincingly. “Let’s make a film with Dulquer every year,” I said with a dream. As soon as Hanu told this story, I told him to tell Dulquer directly without any second thoughts. Because Dulquer can do proper justice to this love story which has a national wide reach.

Is Nag Ashwin contribution in Sitaram?

Nag Ashwin has no contribution. But some suggestions are given. He said that he was amazed to see Sitaram.

About Sumanth’s role?

Sumanth’s character is amazing. With this role he will be introduced to all languages. Gets a very good name.

How many songs are there in Sitaram?

There are six songs. One half short bit of songs are played in the background. The duration of the movie is 2 hours 37 minutes. The movie is fast. Tamil and Malayalam versions were censored in Dubai. Excellent reports. The movie will be released simultaneously in Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam.

New movies to be made

The shooting of Project K will be completed by January. Next comes the graphics work. Naga Chaitanya’s film and a film with Srikanth’s son Roshan are in talks. All Good Omens will release on October 5

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