Ashu Reddy: Ashu Reddy’s father sent a bottle of wine as a gift.. What are the netizens’ reactions?

Bigg Boss beauty and popular actress Ashur Reddy’s name is trending on social media. Today something is in the news. Recently, this cutie, who is mostly seen abroad, shared a picture of her in a hospital bed two days ago and started trending. But she did not reveal what happened to her. The latest post of Ashu Reddy, who has been creating a stir on the net with his social media posts, has gone viral. Ashu, who shared a photo of a mansion house liquor bottle on her Instagram stories, was shocked that her father had sent her a liquor bottle as a gift. The post was captioned as ‘Daddy’s gift to daughter’. But this bold beauty also wrote that her mother did not like this gift at all. Now this post has gone viral on social media. Fans who have seen this story are wondering if Ashu Reddy’s father will also give similar gifts. Netizens are also making various comments.

Ashureddy, who is known as Junior Sam, has gained good recognition with the Bigg Boss show. This cutie who made noise in the season of Bigg Boss OTTs also participated in some TV shows. Above all, Ashu Reddy’s bold interview with controversial director Ram Gopal Varma became a hot topic. To tell the truth, Ashu was trolled on social media on a large scale.

Ashu Reddy 1

Ashu Reddy

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