As the name suggests, the movie is fast

‘We leave the village and come to the cities to achieve something. So come and lose some. We will achieve some. Finally we will see whether we have reached the goal or not. In this the hero comes to the city with a goal. In order to reach that goal, he gets stuck in other problems. He tries to solve those problems. That way the target gets sidetracked.

Even the watching audience feels that the goal has been thrown aside.. Did he finally achieve what he wanted? Or? This is our ‘Bhaje Vayuvegam” says director Prashant Reddy. Under his direction, this film is produced by Karthikeya Gummakonda as the hero and is presented by the prestigious production company UV Creations. Director Prashant Reddy interacted with the reporters on the occasion of the film’s release on 31st of this month. According to the story, the first half requires a performer. Second half heroism should be elevated. That’s why I thought Karthikeya was the best option.

He acts well. Cultivates heroism wonderfully. He did as he thought. Aishwarya Menon as the heroine is also a perfect option. She looks like a traditional girl.’ Prashanth Reddy said. Prashant Reddy said that the movie trailer is getting a good response and the movie will be great beyond imagination. The title of this movie was thought to be ‘Speed’, but it would be better if it was in Telugu. Director Anil, who is doing the movie in UV, suggested the name ‘Bhaje Vayuvegam’ to Akhil. Prashant Reddy said that the film will have the highest technical values ​​and his aim is to get a name as a good director after coming to the industry inspired by Rajamouli.

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