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Mana ‘Mallesham’ is a great movie! Do we need ‘Balagam’ Telugu movie? Proving it!! Telangana culture is now a special attraction in Telugu movies. Language, accent, culture, all the same story is revolving around Telangana. Even the heroes who act in movies are entertaining by speaking our accent. Speaking the same accent not only on screen but also behind the screen is getting closer to the audience.

Once upon a time Telangana dialect was restricted to supporting roles in Telugu cinema. Overworked and ridiculed by comedians. The Telangana accent was insisted on by the mouth of the villains. But, now the industry has changed the trend. The director and writers are decorating the Telangana language as an ornament for the main character. Once upon a time Godavari Express in Telugu movies
The hero who gets off.. is now boarding the Medak bus. Gone are the days of mocking our accent. Some Telugu heroes are now speaking in Telangana dialect even behind the scenes. Actors like Vijay Devarakonda, Priyadarshi, Vishwaksen, Sidhu Jonnalagadda have scored superhits with Telangana accent. Along with this, Telangana based stories are shining on the silver screen.

Sidhu Jonnalagadda

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Vijay Dhevarakonda

Vijay Deverakonda suddenly became a superstar with the movie ‘Arjun Reddy’. Before that movie ‘Pellichoopulu’ movie was also a good success. In both these films, Vijay spoke in Telangana dialect and looked like a local. He continues the Telangana accent in his later films as well. He became closer to his fans by speaking in local dialect not only in movies but also at events outside. Hero Vishwaksen is continuing on the path of Vijay. Not only in the movies he has acted in, but also in public meetings, he is using Telangana accent. Hero Sidhu Jonnalagadda came and joined these two. Impressed by the Hyderabadi accent in ‘DJ Tillu’, Sidhu speaks loudly wherever he goes. Priyadarshi is an actor who showed his ability as a comedian with the movie ‘Pellichoopulu’. Whatever role he plays, he is careful not to miss the Telangana accent. In the movie ‘Mallesham’, based on the life of Chintakindi Mallesham, who invented the Asu Yantra, Priyadarshi mastered the Telangana dialect brilliantly. Even later he continues the same trend. In the latest movie ‘Balagam’, he won the hearts of his fans by singing our dialect with heart.

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Sai Pallavi

Even after the formation of Telangana state, there is a place for our themes in movies Didn’t get it! Earlier Adapa Even though there are movies with stories related to Dadapa Telangana, the ones with revolutionary background are mostly seen. After the preparation of Telangana many directors are showing Tadakha with Mana Ilaka stories. Shekhar Kammula, who is known as the director of feel good films, unveiled the natural beauty of Telangana on screen with the film ‘Fida’. He tried to show the customs of this region. Naga Chaitanya and Sai Pallavi as the heroines in the movie ‘Love Story’ which was released in 2021 also gave importance to the Telangana dialect. The role of Komuram Bheem in the international hit movie ‘RRR’ directed by Rajamouli showed the dignity of Telangana. In it the song ‘Natu Natu’ written by Chandra Bose made the harshness of our dialect universal. Simultaneously received the Oscar award. The song ‘Komuram Bhimudo..’ written by Suddala Ashok Teja spread the fragrance of our soil to everyone. Srikanth Odela is the latest Nani hero It is remarkable that Telangana is also the background of the movie ‘Dasara’ directed by the director. Produced as a pure mass entertainer, the hero’s dialogues are now reigning as WhatsApp statuses. The already released teaser and trailers of ‘A Ifi Gatlaye ‘Gunduguttaga’ proved to be a sure hit.

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