ARRehman | Sending ineligible movies to Oscar: AR Rahman

ARRehman Sensational Comments | Swara Mantrik AR Rahman accused that unqualified films are being sent to Oscars. Rahman opined that sometimes our films go all the way to the Oscars and come back disappointed. He recently revealed on his YouTube channel that they are sending unqualified films to the Oscars, but we can’t do anything except watch them. Currently AR Rahman’s comments are causing a stir. Many people are of the opinion that AR Rahman made these comments indirectly on not sending a deserving RRR movie to Oscar. And Rahman created history by winning two Oscars in the categories of Best Original Song and Best Original Score for the movie Slumdog Millionaire.

Keeravani and Chandra Bose brought the Oscar, which has been eagerly waiting for years. That art is finished with RRR directed by the director Dhiru Rajamouli. Natu Natu won the Oscar in the Best Original Song category and set Telugu’s reputation on the top of the world. Actually RRR movie from India did not get Oscar nomination. Gujarati film Chello Show was sent to Oscar nominations instead of RRR. But it could not make it to the final nominations. Many moviegoers were very unhappy with that. Many netizens expressed that if RRR was sent, it would have won the Oscar in the best film category as well. Meanwhile, the movie ‘Chello Show’ was also sent to Oscar last year. Even then she could not get a place in the final nomination.

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