Are you stopping the Jabardhast show? It’s like Anasuya got hit hard..!?

Not to mention how much popularity the Jabardasth show has gained on television. The Jabardast show which has given life to many comedians is currently becoming the number one show in the industry with TRP ratings. But it is known that some news related to Jabardast show is going viral on social media since few days. Leaving the show one by one.. repeating the skits in the show.. Vulgar dialogues.. Punch dialogues are heard more and more.. People’s interest in the show has decreased.

Now this show is seen as a puppet show, but it is not seen as an entertainment show. Mallemala Entertainments is looking to stop the Jabardast show in this order. It is preparing to introduce a new program in its place. This news has gone viral in the present industry. Moreover, on the basis of this, some brats are making cruel comments saying that Anasuya’s amla has been hit hard on Jabardast show.

We know that there are more body shaming comments in Jabardasth..Star anchor Anasuya left the Jabardasth show. To tell the truth, since her exit, the TRP ratings of this show have decreased. Even though the new anchor Soumya has come, people are saying that she doesn’t have the jealousy of Anasuya. Anchor Rashmi also fails to impress at that level. In this order, Mallemala Entertainments is thinking that this show should be put to a full stop and another new show should be started. With this, Jabardast’s name has become viral on social media..!!

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