Are you short… No you are short.. Jayasudha scolded on the set.. That star heroine…!

Clashes, feuds and egos between heroes and heroines are common in the field of cinema. If there are two heroines in a film, balancing their characters is like a sword for the director. The same two star heroines… heroines with the same craze is very difficult. Rajamouli managed the story by balancing the images of NTR Ram and Charan very equally in the original Triple R movie. Among these two characters, one has more role.. if one has less role, how big is the battle between the fans of these two heroes? It is difficult to imagine what will happen.

So two star heroes or heroines should be very careful when acting together. For example, during the shooting of the movie Devata, Jayaprada and Sridevi had no words, making the film together became a big challenge for Raghavendra Rao. However, as he is a senior director, even if the two did not talk on the shooting set, they made the film with a good balance. Jayaprada used to walk away when Sridevi entered the set. Also Sridevi did not like to be there when Jayaprada came to the set. There was such a big war between them.

Also, during the shooting of Katakatala Rudrayya movie starring Krishnamraju, there was a big fight between the then star heroines Jayasudha and Jayachitra. Dasari Narayana Rao is the director of this movie. Jayasudha already fell in love with Kakarla Rajendraprasad who was the production manager of Vadde Ramesh. Rajendraprasad – Jayasudha brought good accessories along with good costumes and slippers.

Jayachitra was given very simple costumes. This made Jayachitra very angry. In addition to this, the love between Jayachitra.. Rajendra Prasad and Jayasudha was also leaked. Rajendraprasad is showing special interest in Dasari who wants to be Sir… Why me? Jayasudha got uncontrollably angry when he was asked directly that he had given such low type of costumes. After that, Jayachitra and Jayasudha threw words at each other during the shooting.

Jayasudhanu says you are a short person.. She also immediately fired at Jayachitra saying that you should remove your shoes and you are also a short person. So there was a big war of words between the two of them at that time. Finally, Dasari intervened and resolved their quarrel. But even after that there was a talk in the industry that both of them kept the incident in mind and did not talk much.

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