Are you doing things according to your age..?..Adivi Sesh asked Nag bluntly about that..!!

Recently, the stars in the film industry are not doing things that are not suitable for their age. Starting from young heroines to senior heroes who are over 60 years old, no one does anything keeping their age in mind. The heroines’ hot photoshoots are a special proof of that. A 19-year-old girl screams beauty. People are saying that everyone is equal in the film industry.

But Tollywood’s young hero Adavi Shesh directly asked the same thing. As we know Akkineni Nagarjuna is the hero and Sonali Chauhan in the lead role of the movie “The Ghost”. Talented director Praveen Sattaru has directed this movie. I don’t need to say anything about Praveen.. he directed a serious action movie like Garudavega.. he made a special mark for himself. With this, people have put expectations of the wife on the movie “The Ghost”. In recent times, mostly romantic.. Haddulu Meree scenes.. People are bored by seeing the same love stories. In this sequence, fans are waiting for a movie that is exciting every moment like Spy Agent. At such a time, Praveen Sattar directed films with blockbuster action scenes like “The Ghost” with Nagarjuna.

This movie is going to be released in theaters tomorrow. It was in this order that Advi Sesh and Nagarjuna interviewed. The promo related to this has been released recently. In this sequence, Agudi Sesh, talking to Nagarjuna, asks, “Are you Interpol agent Vikram?” Then Nagarjuna also asks, “Are you Gopi 116?” ..” Interpol agent is so cool..? Romance with the heroine in a nice boat.. What are these things Nagarjuna garu ..? He asked Nagarjuna a question he should not have asked.

But to know what kind of answer Nag gave to this, you have to watch this full interview. Not only that..” I have created a genre for myself and have been making films.. Now will you kick your stomach for coming into that genre,” said Adushi Seshu jokingly teasing Nagarjuna. With this, Nagarjuna’s Adivasi Sesh interview has gone viral on social media.

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