Are the wild card contestants ready for Bigg Boss?

Not to mention Bigg Boss which is the biggest reality show in Telugu. The sixth season of Bigg Boss Present, which has already completed five seasons successfully, will continue. This Bigg Boss show, which started amid huge expectations, is going to be juicy. The contestants are making noise in the show with fights, romance, kisses, hugs and strategies. But from the beginning, it sounds like there are no significant contestants in this season. Apart from Chalaki Chanti, Faima, Revanth and Srihan, there are no contestants who are popular in this season of Bigg Boss.

Due to this, the TRP rating of Bigg Boss will drop drastically. Bigg Boss 6 has created a record as the season that Paramchetta has earned the highest number of ratings in all the seasons so far. Moreover, Nagarjuna is provoking the contestants to increase the TRP by any means, but the contestants do not care much. It is in this order that Bigg Boss is determined to create more ruckus in the show through the wild card contestant. That is why it is known that a wild card contestant is going to enter the Bigg Boss house at the end of the fifth week.

Sudhir Sudheer, who doubled his popularity with Jabardast show, is going to enter Bigg Boss season 6 as a wild card contestant. According to the latest information received by S, it is known that Sudheer Sudheer is entering the Bigg Boss show as a wild card contestant. If this is true then it can be said for sure that Sudheer Sudheer will get the title of Bigg Boss. No one in the house can match his crazy fan following. Moreover, if a tornado enters Sudhir’s house, they will definitely be one-sided. Total game strategies change everything. Netizens say that the house mates who have been friends of John Jigudi so far..there are many chances that everyone will fall towards Sudeer Sudhir. Moreover, comments are heard saying that if Sudhir goes into the house, everyone should be punched. Let’s see what kind of performance Sudheer Sudheer will give as a wild card entry in the Bigg Boss house..?

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