Archana broke up with the person she loved because of that heroine..!

Many people think that heroines have to expose their body. Believing that only by doing that, they will excel in the industry for a long time and lately they have been acting without limits in terms of exposure. Not just in movies. They usually wear the same style for photoshoots, or for any parties or functions. But it must be said that it is completely unnecessary. A few years ago, there were no such boundless romances in movies. Even so, the heroines of that time are still remembered. Even if they are not in the industry, there is always news about them.

Archana was the heroine who looked and acted well in those days. Even though she is a Telugu girl, she made her film debut with a Hindi movie. Yadoon Ke Baraat was her first film. After that Ara became a very popular actress through the movie Nireekshana where she acted in Telugu and Tamil movies. While Bhanu Chander is playing the hero in this movie, Archana is playing the role of a village girl without even wearing a jacket.

Despite looking at many heroines for this film, Balu Mahendra liked Archana very much. The film also won the Nandi Award. From there, her film debut continued for many days in Tamil and Telugu. Although she acted in few films, Archana used to act only if her role was important. After that Telugu movie Ladies Tailor also brought good name to Archana.

She has also done good movies in Malayalam, Kannada and Hindi languages. Her film Daasi also brought Archana a good name. And she received the best actress award for two consecutive years in her career. Archana has also done a film in English. And when it comes to Archana’s past life, she is like Balu Mahendra’s mentor in the film industry. But the news that she was in love with Balu Mahendra for some years was heard strongly at that time.

But Balu Mahendra is already married and has a son. However, he fell in love with actress Shobha and married her, but she committed suicide and closed her eyes. But there were reports that Balu Mahendra was the cause of Shobha’s death. After falling in love with Archana, Balu Mahendra also fell in love with actress Mounika. Balu Mahendra’s relationship with Archana ended when Maunika fell madly in love with Balu Mahendra.

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