AR Rahman : Unqualified films are being sent to Oscar.. AR Rahman!

AR Rahman: Oscar award winner AR Rahman made sensational comments. He said that unqualified films are being sent to Oscar. Rahman made a splash by receiving two Oscars from India at the same time. In 2009, Rahman, Gulzar and Rasool Pookutty received the same award for Slum Dog Millionaire. After that again now RRR received Oscar. But a big story happened for this movie to stand in the Oscar ring.

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Directed by Rajamouli, RRR was very popular not only in India but also in other countries. Everyone thought that the Indian government will send this film to Oscar because it is not only popular but also eligible to go to Oscar. But not RRR, Gujarati cinema’s Last Film Show was sent to Oscar nominations. But the film failed to get a place in the final round and returned back.

Many expressed their displeasure as RRR was not selected. Hollywood media also questioned this matter. But the RRR team did not back down and created a record by being nominated in the Best Original Song category at the Oscars. Not only got nominated but also received Oscar and made history.

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But some people are of the opinion that if RRR had gone officially from the Indian government, it would have got a place in the Best Movie category nominations. Recently AR Rahman also indirectly commented on this matter. “Our films are going all the way to the Oscars and back. It seems that they are sending unqualified movies. Even though we are feeling pain, we can’t do anything but watch,” he said. Currently these comments are going viral on social media.

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