Anushka Shetty : There is only one person who proposed to Anushka.. Do you know who he is?

Anushka Shetty: Anushka is a beautiful and cute grandmother who has become a star heroine in Telugu. Anushka, who excelled as a leading actress in Telugu and Tamil languages, has not been doing films either in Telugu or Tamil for some time. The campaign that Anushka has stopped doing films is also going on. After the movie ‘Silence’, everyone wondered what happened as she did not get another movie. There are reports that Naveen Polishetty will be playing an important role in a movie starring Anushka.

There are no updates related to this project. The poster was released introducing Anushka’s role in the film directed by P. Mahesh. She is acting in the role of professional chef ‘Anvita Ravali’ in this movie. This is her 48th film in career terms. The title of this movie, which is being made in the romantic action entertainer genre, will be finalized soon. Meanwhile, Anushka said in an interview.. I used to give lessons to third class students for a few days. Also, seeing my height and my serious face, many people did not want to propose to me.

One boy proposed to Anushka Shetty

Anushka Shetty : Know someone?

But one boy proposed me very daringly. I told that boy to go and tell my father about this. Also I am not against marriage and relationship at all. If I fall in love I will not hide it at all. Like all things, I will definitely tell you all about that matter. Also, Anushka gave clarity in that interview saying that there is no truth in the news coming about me about Prabhas. But it is certain that Anushka will get married soon.

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