Anushka for Balayya… Wow what a screaming combination…!

Nandamuri actor Balakrishna has proved that he will not only rock the silver screen but also the silver screen. Balayya, who hit the silver screen with a blockbuster with Akhanda, also increased his craze with the show Unstoppable. Will the real Balayya host a talk show on television? By punching those doubts, he made this show a blockbuster hit and also got many fans on the screen.

He discovered another child in him in a way that no one expected…newly. Balayya show is not only his fans… common people and mass fans also waited with high hopes. Balayya satisfied all their hunger. Unstoppable 1 became a blockbuster hit and now everyone is waiting for season 2.

Besides giving clarity that season 2 will start soon, the list of participants in season 2 is already going viral on social media, so the excitement is not normal. Already in season 2, the names of star heroes like Chiranjeevi and Venkatesh are being heard. And now Anushka’s name is also in line.

After the silence, Anushka was nowhere to be seen. But she is acting in Naveen Polishetty’s movie. Such Anushka is participating in Balayya’s talk show together… Answering Balayya’s questions is not the usual craze. It must be said that this episode will be a big highlight of the second season with Anushka’s answers to Balayya’s questions.

In the past, Anushka acted opposite Balayya in the movie Okkamagadu directed by YVS Chaudhary. The movie flopped. After that, these two did not act together again.. They were not seen anywhere. And now if Anushka comes to Balayya’s talk show, many interesting things will come out along with many old jokes.

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