Anupama Parameshwaran: Shame on you .. Anupama impatient to push .. because ..

Anupama Parameswaran is one of the leading heroines in the Telugu film industry. Looking traditional .. This muddugumma has gained a good following with her beauty and performance. Anupama, who always looks smiling, is angry now .. Anupama expressed impatience on her insta account saying Shame on you .. When did she look funny .. Let’s find out why Anupama who made noise on Netflix got angry ..

The environment is clean .. Make sure your home is clean .. Despite the government’s pleas not to dump rubbish wherever it falls, some behaviors have not changed .. Plastic rubbish is strewn on the roads. With this, the traffic on the roads .. Those who go on foot are bothered with the stench. Anupam became serious by sharing photos of garbage on the roads .. In the photos she shared, cows are standing near the garbage and eating .. Sharing photos related to this .. I’m ashamed .. Save Earth, Save Planet. ” Currently, photos shared by Anupama are going viral.


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