Ante Sundaraniki: The movie that satisfied me as an actor is Sundaraniki .. Naresh VK who made interesting comments ..

Sundaraniki is a movie directed by Vivek Atreya and starring Natural star Nani and Malayalam beauty Nazriya Nazeem. Produced by renowned production house Maitree Movie Makers, this romantic comedy entertainer has been highly anticipated. Already released trailer, the songs are getting good response from the audience. Also .. Nazriya will be introduced to the Telugu audience as the heroine with this movie. The film is all set to release worldwide on June 10 in Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam. It stars senior actor Naresh VK as Nani’s father. That is, actor Naresh shared many interesting things with the media as part of Sundaraniki movie promotions.

Naresh says .. ”I am lucky to have played amazing roles as a character artist in my career. The father roles I played got a good following from the girls. Best Father in films like A..A., Bhalebhalemangadivoy, Sammohanam I mean, I have a good rap for Naniki in the movie Sundaraniki. Nani’s comedy timing is very sparkly. Catches in the second. I know he’s from that school. I can say that the role of the father in this is `The Best ‘. There are two reasons for that. The first is the approach taken by the director and the second is the comedy timing between Nani and me. A character who carries emotion and makes the audience laugh. This is a crucial role. I did it with Nani as a father and Devadas as a brother. I did it again as a father. The two of us have different emotions. If both of us were watching, everyone on the set would be immersed and on. As well as the character of Rohini. Good morning. I have to wait for the next level role after this movie. I’m lucky to have Humor Zoner after a long time.

This movie has nothing to do with other history, butterfly movies .. they are different movies it is a different movie. The movie that satisfied me as a star. It will be a movie that will take my career to the next level. Nani grew up in a style from an early age because of a family with traditions and traditions in this film. The film is about how such a person can make his own decisions. Until now there were bridal showers, bridal showers. But over time, that is likely to change. That’s why the current generation is so well connected to Nani’s character. It would be interesting to see what happens between families with two different mentalities. I’m done over 200 movies so far. But it took 9 days to say dubbing in slang for the character of a Brahmin in this film. This has never happened before. All this is Vivek Atreya Drafting Valley. He has good clarity, ”he said.

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