Ante sundaraniki | Nani’s rare feat in overseas .. ‘Ante Sundaraniki’ record as the seventh film!

Ante Sundaraniki Movie | Nani introduces new stories to the audience regardless of the outcome. His latest film starring him in lead roles is ‘Ante Sundaraniki’. Directed by Vivek Atreya, the film stars Nazriya as the heroine. The film, which was released last Friday amid huge expectations, has garnered positive reviews. But it is not. Compared to Nani’s films, Sundarani got the lowest openings. By the end of First Week, the film had grossed nearly Rs 18 crore. Another Rs 12 crore is required for the break even.

Collections aside, Nani and Nazriya have been cast in their respective roles in the film. Their scenes from First Frame to Last Frame are nowhere near as boring. Brilliant writing by Vivek Atreya, background music by Vivek Sagar took the film to another level. Meanwhile, Nani Maro achieved greatness with this film. ‘Over Sundaraniki’ crossed the 1 million mark in the latest overseas. The film became the 7th film to cross the 1 million mark in Nani Overseas. After Maheshbabu, I have more than 1 million films in overseas.

However, here at the box office, where Nani’s films are well received by the audience, they are not able to garner huge collections. Nani’s last four films also failed to do well at the box office. Netizens are of the opinion that Nani should think a bit in this regard. Nani is commenting that the choice of stories should be handled more carefully in the matter of directors.

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