Ante Sundaraniki | ‘Ante Sundaraniki’ censorship complete .. Is this the highest runtime in Nani’s career?

Ante Sundaraniki | Nani is at the forefront of choosing stories with content that is how the result is. He entertains moviegoers by releasing at least two movies a year. Nani’s movie is going to make the audience go to the theaters without even thinking about it. Because these movies are so clean, without any vulgarity, like watching with the family. Currently, his latest film is ‘Ante Sundaraniki’. Directed by Vivek Atreya, the film has been highly anticipated by the audience. In addition, the recently released teaser and trailer have doubled expectations. The film, which opens as a comedy entertainer, is set to release on June 10. During this time the film crew promoted loudly. The film has just completed its censorship process.

That means Sundarani has been given a clean ‘U’ certificate by the censor board for the film. Information that the run time is fixed at 2 hours 56 minutes. In this movie, Nazriya is paired with Nani as the heroine. This is the first film in which Nazriya has acted in Telugu. In this film, Nani played the role of a Brahmin and Nazriya played the role of a Christian girl. Produced by Maitree, the film has music by Vivek Sagaur. The film will be released simultaneously in Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam. Nani is currently busy shooting for ‘Dasara’. The film, which opens as an action drama, stars Nani Dee as Glamor. Kirti Suresh plays the heroine. He is also the producer of ‘Hit-2’ and ‘Meet Cute’.

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