Anshu Ambani | All the characters die.. That’s why Manmathudu heroine says she stopped doing movies!

Anshu Ambani | Do you remember Anshu Ambani? Adenandi is the heroine of the Nagarjuna-starrer Manmathudhu! Do you remember now.. Prabhas also acted in Raghavendra movie. At that time the youth went crazy after seeing this beauty. She has done only two movies but she has got a good fan following. But with those two films, she said goodbye to the film industry. She disappeared again. Now again after twenty years she has come forward to the media. Then she explained the reasons why she had to leave films so suddenly.

Although she was born and brought up in England, Anshu Ambani says that her ancestors are Indian. She said that she came to India when she was 16 years old and then she got an offer in the movie Manmathudhu. She said that this made her dream come true. She said that she wanted to be active in movies, but because of her young age, she also wanted to focus on her studies. But she said that she had to stay in movies for more days as good opportunities came. She said that now there are PR teams.. but then everyone was taken care of by their father. Because of this, he had to take his father’s permission wherever he wanted to go.. If anyone came to tell stories, they had to meet his father first. Along with this, Anshu Ambani said that after the movie Manmathudu, she left movies as they were all playing the same type of roles.

I got a chance as the second heroine in two Telugu movies. My character dies in both those films. After watching these films, he was offered similar roles in two or three more films. Anshu Ambani recalled the circumstances of that day. She said that she is tired of seeing the same characters. She told the truth that she left the industry as she felt empty was better than acting in the same type of roles. She suggested to the directors and producers that even now in the industry, it would be better if the character is given according to the talent. She said that it is not correct to limit the actors to that one character who has done well.


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