Another Pavitra Lokesh for the industry..Sahajivanam with star producer..but not doing that..!?

Love, marriage, dating and affairs are common in the film industry. Divorce has also become common in recent times. The point is not how many days we made love.. how many days we made love .. but how soon we broke up. That’s what people are thinking. Especially in the film industry, some heroes, heroines and character artists are behaving badly.

Forgetting their age and cutting off the commitments in the society.. stripped bare.. they do not even think of having a relationship with someone else. Some are beautiful. We all know how recently the Pavitri Lokesh-Naresh matter created a lot of waves in the film industry. Meanwhile, a news has gone viral on social media saying that Same and another character artist in Tollywood will live together with a star producer.

Moreover, this couple also wants to officially tell their dating matter to the media soon. But this dating couple does not get married. All the days are well spent.. until they enjoy it.. and then they do as they like. What if the name dating is correct for this..? In any case, people are commenting that there are more and more such sacred lokes in the industry.

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