Annamayya’s relatives are angry with singer Shravana Bhargavi

Hyderabad: Singer Shravana Bhargavi is embroiled in a controversy. His family members and Srivari devotees are furious with the singer for using Annamayya’s kirtan to describe beauty. Shravana Bhargavi, who has sung many songs in Telugu and is known as a good singer, was in love with Hemachandra and was going to get divorced some years ago. Recently, Shravana Bhargavi made an album with Annamayya’s kirtan and posted it on her YouTube channel.

She portrayed the song ‘Okpari Vaiyarame’ composed by Thallapaka Annamacharyu as a fusion, portraying her beauty in it. When this matter came to the notice of Annamaiah’s family members, they expressed their anger saying that Annamacharya’s song was mocked and insulted. Two days after the release of this song, Shravana Bhargavi is expressing deep anger over the use of the song by Annamacharya to describe her beauty while remembering Lord Venkateswara Swami and feeling immersed in devotion.

He said that it was very sad to see her waving her legs and showing her in various postures singing the song glorified by Annamacharya’s elder sons and elder Tirumala Acharyas doing Abhishek Kainkaryam to Sakshattu Swami. Annamaya’s family issued a statement on Wednesday expressing their regret that it was a mistake to use Annamacharya’s kirtan to describe beauty. Annamayya’s relatives said that when they tried to ask her for an explanation on this matter, she irresponsibly replied that there is something different in your eyes.

If someone from the film industry takes Annamacharya’s kirtan, they would end the kirtan with the stamp Thiru Venkatachalapati. Tellapaka Venkata Raghava Annamacharyu was angry that she was questioning why we shouldn’t do the song as it is a romantic hymn and many people asked to delete the song, so she turned off the comment section without actually deleting the song. It has become interesting that this matter turns in both directions.

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