Annamacharya: Shravana Bhargavi confirms that he is not at fault.

Annamacharya: Tollywood singer Shravana Bhargavi’s family members have expressed strong objection to popular Vaggeyakaar Annamaiah’s Sankeertana being filmed as a private album. Sravana Bhargavi, who belongs to a traditional family, blames Annamayya for misusing sankirtana. Annamayya’s family members are expressing their displeasure over the romanticization of Sankirtans written by Annamayya with devotion to Tirumala Sri Venkateswara Swamy. Annamayya’s family members said that the work done by Shravan Bhargavi has caused them the most pain.

But Shravana Bhargavi maintained that there was nothing wrong with her. Speaking on the same subject, Nnamaya Vamshikulu said that if the album which depicted the hymns written on Srivari was a step up, Sravanabhargavi’s response to it made them feel even more. They said that they will take this matter to the attention of TTD.. They said that they would like to take the initiative to prevent Annamayya’s Sankirtans from being shown as romantic rather than devotional. He said that Annamayya’s kirtans were also used in Pawan Kalyan starrer Attarintiki Daredi but they were not objectionable in that film.

Born in a traditional family, Sravani Bhargavi Annamayya’s kirtans are portrayed as insulting, say Annamayya’s relatives. Shravani Bhargavi has expressed his displeasure over making an album of the hymn that glorified the Swami in the abhisheka service. Annamacharya’s family members Hari Narayanacharya said that they will take this matter to the attention of TTD.

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