Anchor Suma : Where is the comedy Raa Babu.. Anchor Suma has to burst out laughing when he sees this.

Anchor Suma : Anchor Suma means.. everyone knows. All the Telugu audience knows her counters and the way she makes people laugh. I don’t need any special introduction about her. No matter where the Telugu people are in the world, they touch the suma. Suma knows the name. So the suma range has crossed the continents. It does events in the country and abroad. Needless to say how busy she is. The mischief she does and the entertainment she gives is not ordinary. All these days she used to be the event of silver screen and silver screen. But now she seems to be well used to social media.

Suma entertains her fans through YouTube and Instagram. The netizens are fed up with the fun of Suma. Suma’s play with pets at home, fun with his staff and punches with his maid are not ordinary. Suma is a lot of fun with everyone. Since Corona, Suma has started using this social media more. Even now Suma is earning well through her social media. She earns well doing ads, brand ambassadors, promoting products. Everyone knows how naughty Suma is in YouTube videos.

Anchor Suma Funny Reel goes viral

Various videos are being released on YouTube. In it, Suma tells her personal things. That’s why all those videos become so viral. Suma recently shared a funny video. Suma usually makes reel videos. In it, the steps she takes with her staff and workmen go viral. But recently she did not take steps. She sneezed like a small child. Laughed terribly. She wore make-up accordingly. Madly ready. Making everyone laugh.


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