Anchor Suma : Anchor Suma flopped badly in one thing.. Do you know what?

Anchor Suma: Anchor Suma does not want to introduce herself to the Telugu bully screen audience. Everyone knows how much stardom Suma has achieved for almost two decades. It is known that silver screen Bulli has made his mark on the screen and is currently continuing his Maharani reign on the screen. She is considered a success wherever she steps. Any show she does is considered a super hit. This Yankaramma, who has achieved such a success rate, had to suffer serious losses as the program he did in his own production house was a terrible failure.

About ten years ago anchor Suma started a program in her own production. Suma’s husband Rajeev Kanakala has a close relationship with NTR and it is known that the two are good friends. That is why NTR’s appearance at the program started in Suma’s own production house became a topic of discussion at that time. At the same time, Suma who brought NTR was not successful. Even after that she brought two or three programs in her own production. But even they failed to impress the audience.

do you know anchor suma has her own production house

Although different in concept, luck did not come together or something else, but all the programs that came in Suma’s production were also deeply disappointed. No doubt none lasted more than a year. Only Suma’s programs produced by others are becoming super hits. But not a single program under his own banner was successful. It remains to be seen if Suma will do any film or program under her own banner again. Even then, fans want her to succeed.

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