Anchor Sowmya Rao: Jabardasth new anchor flash back in tears .. “My father cheated” Sowmya Rao cried ..!

Anchor Sowmya Rao : There is full craze for Jabardasth show on television. Recently there have been many changes in Jabardasth. A new anchor and new judges have arrived. The show has not lost any craze. The struggles of the comedians who make the audience laugh so much through the Jabardast show are indescribable. Many people make us laugh while suffering from diseases and financial problems. Anchor Soumya has recently entered such a show. When Anasuya leaves, Soumya Rao impresses her with her beauty. It has already completed two episodes and impressed the audience.

There is something tricky in her language, confidence and her graceful beauty that brought Soumya close to the audience. Soumya is also making comments saying something special. But everyone will be shocked if anchor Soumya comes to know about her life. Tears do not stop for those of his family background. Soumya did another TV show before Jabardasth. Hyper created a lot of fuss in it with Aadi. After seeing her performance, Jabardasth gave her a chance as an anchor for his show. But in that show Soumya shocked everyone when anchor Pradeep asked her to tell about her family. When Pradeep asked again, Soumya told her flashback.

jabardasth new anchor Sowmya Rao family back ground

I will not tell about my life. I don’t have a mother, I don’t even have a father. He cheated us and left. Now I am an orphan. I don’t have anyone. Everyone here has a mother, father, brother or sister. But I have no one. Soumya Rao cried and said that when she finds a family like this, she will take good care of her. Hearing this, everyone’s hearts were heavy. Soumya Rao from Kannada entered the TV industry from modeling. Due to her talent, Jabardasth was able to come to the show. Also the audience also wants to keep Soumya Rao as the anchor for Jabardasth.

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