Anchor Lasya: ‘Smile.. Bear me and wipe your tears.. Love dear’.. Star anchor Lasya is emotional

Lasya has earned a special identity for herself as a star anchor on television with her juggling of words. Comedy panchulu and jokes have reached the Telugu audience very well. Especially her elephant-ant jokes got quite a craze. Also the shows with anchor Ravi were well received. She entered the Bigg Boss reality show as a contestant and gained more popularity. Andala Tara is active in social media as well as TV shows. Nityam shares her personal and professional things. She also shares glamorous photos and videos. And with his own YouTube channel, he is revealing many interesting things. . Meanwhile, Thursday (March 16) is Lasya’s husband Munjanath’s birthday. On this occasion, the star anchor lashed out at her husband on the social media platform. Sharing beautiful photos with her husband.. ‘Happy birthday my dear Manjunath.. I am very proud of my husband. Perfect husband. You are the only person who can forgive my insanity. You made me laugh. You wiped away tears bearing me. You touched me hard. You have seen my success up close. You have seen my failures. You stood by me at any time and gave me a lot of courage. You made me so strong. You are the reason of my happiness. Proud to be the wife of a perfect husband. Lasya showered her love on her husband saying ‘Love’.

Currently Lasya’s post has gone viral on social media. Especially the photos taken with her husband are impressing fans and followers. On this occasion, netizens are commenting on Manjunath’s birthday. As for their married life.. Lasya got married to Manjunath in 2017. As a reflection of their love, Lasya gave birth to a son named Daksh in 2019. Recently, on the day of Holi festival, she got promotion as mother once again. Pandanti gave birth to a baby boy on March 8.


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